Under the Cliff, Cullercoats

"Under the Cliff, Cullercoats" - 1881

Watercolour and graphite on wove paper,
Addison Gallery of American Art,
Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts,
Gift of an anonymous donor Acc. No: 1930.386


Looking toward Tynemouth with the Watchhouse

"Looking toward the Groyne Light,
South Shields on the River Tyne"

An example of the atmospheric conditions of the
North Sea that may have caught Winslow Homer's eye.

Photo by American Artist Peter R. Hornby © 2002-2003


Tony Harrison lived in the village of Cullercoats on the North East Coast of England for 18 years, where he founded the Cullercoats Local History Society and was founder and the first Editor of the Cullercoats Community Association magazine "The Beacon" from its inception in 1979 until shortly before his business commitments necessitated him moving to Edinburgh in 1986.

In 1983 he became Arts & Literary Editor of "North East Times" a glossy magazine published in Newcastle upon Tyne, and continued to contribute articles each month on art exhibitions, museum and art gallery acquisitions, local history, and other art related subjects relevant to the North East of England until the spring of 2003 when he relinquished this role after 20 years to concentrate on other projects such as his upcoming book, and his website devoted to Winslow Homer.

In the late 1970's Tony Harrison became interested in Winslow Homer and undertook much research on Homer's visit to Cullercoats where the artist lived for some 18 months in 1881/82. With the assistance of colleagues in the Cullercoats Local History Society, and the support of the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle upon Tyne, Tony organised and staged the Winslow Homer Cullercoats Centenary Exhibition which was held in The Bay Hotel in Cullercoats in the summer of 1981. The Bay Hotel (formerly The Huddleston Hotel), was where Winslow Homer lodged when he first arrived in the village of Cullercoats in 1881.

New information on Winslow Homer's stay in Cullercoats came to light following the Cullercoats Centenary exhibition, and Tony has continued this research over the past few years. David Tatham, Professor of Fine Art at Syracuse University, New York, encouraged Tony to put pen to paper and his book entitled "Winslow Homer in England" will be published by Hornby Editions in Maine in the Spring of 2004.

Tony's interest in Winslow Homer has widened to include the whole of the artist's life and works, and he established a website devoted to Homer in late 2000. The website continues to be updated on an ongoing basis, and a long-term objective is to have an image of every known work by Homer shown on the website. You may contact Tony directly at Tony@winslow-homer.org or visit the website at www.winslow-homer.org.